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Owner Relations

At Castleton Resources, we value our relationship with our royalty and working interest owners.

To assist you and answer your inquiry in a timely and efficient manner, you may contact us directly at the following:

Castleton Resources LLC Owner Relations
Owner Relations Hotline: 281-714-2929
Fax Number: 281-714-2972

Castleton Resources LLC Mailing Address
Attn: Land Administration Department
P.O. Box 696504
San Antonio, TX 78269

Physical Address:
811 Main Street, Suite 1500
Houston, TX  77002 for revenue statements, address changes and banking information updates.

Castleton Resources Owner Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

Castleton Resources is a working interest owner in the referenced well(s) on your document and is responsible for disbursing either all or its proportionate share of royalties for production to you. 

A Division Order is a directive signed by the interest owner verifying to the operator of a well the decimal interest of production owned by the interest owner. Also, it provides the interest owner’s address and Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security Number (SSN).

Please notify CR promptly of any change in address.  Address changes must be received in writing by mail or email with a signature.  For your convenience, a change of address form can be found here. Please send changes to:

Castleton Resources
Attn: Land Administration Department
811 Main Street, Suite 1500
Houston, Texas 77002
Owner Relations Hotline: (281)714-2929
Fax Number: (281)714-2972

Please include your name, owner number, Social Security Number, prior address, new address and signature.  Send a copy of your marriage certificate to update your name as a result of marriage or divorce decree from the court as a result of divorce. For a corporation name change please provide the certificate of name change with verification of the Tax ID or certificate of merger.

Interest may be transferred by a recorded instrument of conveyance. The conveyance must be recorded in the county where the property is located. CR must receive a copy of the recorded conveyance to transfer interest and issue Division Orders. You may want to seek legal advice when preparing these documents. If transferring to a trust, please provide a copy of the trust document  and a recorded copy of the conveyance into the trust.

Once CR is notified, revenue of the deceased owner will be held in suspense and a letter will be sent describing what documentation must be received to transfer the interest of the deceased owner to the appropriate heirs.

CR assigns a unique owner number in order to identify each interest owner. When corresponding with CR please always include your owner number. This number will be different from the owner number remitted by other working interest owners.

Revenue payments are mailed on or before the last day of each month. If this date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or National Holiday, your payment will be mailed the preceding business day.

For your protection, payments are suspended upon a title dispute, the assignment of interest, notice of death, transfer of property or in the event of no known address. Keeping your information current can prevent this inconvenience.

The most common reason is your account has not reach CR’s minimum pay amount. CR’s minimum payment amount is set to $100. For those owners using direct deposit the minimum is $10.00.  

In addition to revenue payments, royalty interest owners receiving more than $10 and working interest owners receiving more than $600 annually will receive IRS Form 1099. Form 1099 summarizes your total payments and tax withholding for the previous year.

CR does offer direct deposit and the form requesting CR’s Direct Deposit Authorization can be found here. Please follow the directions as stated on this form.